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Welcome to the Abiator's modest The Hobbit plot summaries pages.
Here you will find brief summaries of each chapter of this great book written by 5AB.
These chapter summaries are NOT intended to be detailed. Quite the opposite, in fact. Each chapter summary contains what the Year 5 students of 5AB thought were the MAIN plot elements.

We also drew some cool pictures to go with each of our chapter summaries. A sample of this work is included with each chapter summary.

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[1] An Unexpected Party

[2] Roast Mutton

[3] A Short Rest

[4] Over Hill And Under Hill

[5] Riddles in the Dark

[6] Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

[7] Queer Lodgings

[8] Flies and Spiders

[9] Barrels Out of Bond

[10] A Warm Welcome

[11] On the Doorstep

[12] Inside Information

[13] Not At Home

[14] Fire and Water

[15] The Gathering of the Clouds

[16] A Thief in the Night

[17] The Clouds Burst

[18] The Return Journey

[19] The Last Stage

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    Abiator's Active Classroom
    The Riddles!

    <[Go here to find more (non-Tolkien) riddles]>

    This thing all things devours:
    Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
    Gnaws iron, bites steel;
    Grinds hard stones to meal;
    Slays king, ruins town,
    And beats high mountain down.     [Answer]

    What has roots as nobody sees,
    Is taller than trees
    Up, up it goes,
    And yet never grows?

    No-legs lay on one-leg, two legs sat near on three legs, four legs got some.     [Answer]

    An eye in a blue face
    Saw an eye in a green face.
    'That eye is like to this eye'
    Said the first eye,
    'But in low place
    Not in high place.'

    Alive without breath,
    As cold as death;
    Never thirsty, ever drinking,
    All in mail never clinking

    It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
    Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
    It lies behind stars and under hills,
    And empty holes it fills.
    It comes first and follows after,
    Ends life, kills laughter.

    Thirty white horses on a red hill,
    First they champ,
    Then they stamp,
    Then they stand still.

    A box without hinges, key or lid,
    Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

    Voiceless it cries,
    Wingless flutters,
    Toothless bites,
    Mouthless mutters.

    Hope you enjoy this part of Abiator's Active Classroom!
    [By Fraser V, Year 5, Wanganui]

    Chapter Facts

  • Bilbo knew evil creatures were near because his sword would glow as a warning.
  • Gollum rowed about the lake in a little boat using his big feet as paddles.
  • Bilbo lost his brass buttons from his waistcoat as he squeezed through the back door to escape.

    Quick Quiz Check

  • What were the goblins in this chapter guarding?   [Answer]
  • What did Gollum called the precious?   [Answer]
    Goblin soldier
    [By Peter W, Year 5, Wanganui]

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